-- McAlpine Room Poker Club --

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— The McAlpine Room Poker Club —  

The McAlpine Poker Club is a private legal home game (no rake, no fees) that meets regularly in Des Moines, WA in the McAlpine Room. We have about 60 players in our current pool. We generally play monthly on weekends, typically low-stakes no-limit holdem / PLO / other cash games, with occasional multi-table tournaments on Saturday evenings.

Our game typically offers a nightly high-hand pot (best hand, flush or better, both cards in hand must play). There is no smoking in the McAlpine room, but folsk are welcome to smoke just outside at our fire pit.

Founded in 2017, the club is invite only — social card game between friends and neighbors. All participants are ‘players’ under WA State law. We are open to new folks who may be interested in joining who live in the Des Moines, Burien, Kent, SeaTac, Federal Way, or other nearby areas. Contact J.D. at jdmac6@gmail.com or text (775) 247-4694 if you have any questions or are interested in joining.

We are always open to new players! If you are interested in observing or playing as a guest, please contact me at jdmac6@gmail.com or call/text me at (775) 247-4694. Guests can petition for membership and may be accepted upon a vote of the founding members.

Game features:

  • Legal, no-fee/no-rake homegame 
  • Custom clay chips
  • Open bar, food provided (donations appreciated to cover costs)
  • Professional hold’em tables with speedcloth
  • Friendly, casual game, but ran professionally 
  • Outside entrance to the McAlpine Room, plenty of street parking